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wall-floor-tileWelcome to Tile Idea the tile website with a difference. Whether it’s floor tiles, bathroom tiles, wall tiles or a multi purpose tile, our images are so good that you can almost touch them, allowing you to visualise how that tile will transform your room. We are tiling specialists with over 25 years experience in the industry, specialising in porcelain and ceramic tiles with coordinating borders (mosaics, glass and natural stone) imported directly from the factories.

Through our knowledge and experience we have developed this website to revolutionise your on line shopping experience. We have carefully selected core ranges of tiles to suit all tastes and styles.

Displayed as ranges so the functionality and flexibility of the range can be explored. With handy hints and tips for each range to demonstrate how all the different size, colour and border options can be combined to create a truly unique room.

Many of the tiles featured are multi functional and can be used as either floor tiles or wall tiles. The suitability of the tile for a specific use will be highlighted in the description. This will enable you to decide whether they can be used as kitchen tiles or bathroom tiles etc.

Each tile has been individually photographed in order to create the most accurate image and designed to allow you to gain perspective of the size and shape of that tile. Combined with an array of room set images, tile idea has everything you need to help you step by step create a stunning tiled area.

Bathroom Tiles

(Porcelain and Ceramic)

tiles2The choice of Bathroom tiles is the most important decision to be made when selecting your bathroom products. Over the past few years the focus and importance of the bathroom in any house has changed dramatically. It is now a sanctuary for people, a reflection of the style of the house and the people who occupy it. They are no longer seen as merely functional but an extension of the style of the rest of the home. 

The industry is very much now fashion lead and the average life span of a bathroom is now  much shorter as people update their house to the  reflect  the changes in style through the years. 

Tiles are no different, now a more fashioned led industry with continuous design and technical developments. Tiles are fundamentally the most important factor in creating the ambience of any bathroom. 

Whether it be classic or modern styling, there are styles suit all looks. It’s also now not just a matter of what tile you select but also how it is used that will dramatically affect the bathroom. Vertical or horizontal borders, tile formation, full tiling or half tiling and even feature tiling. 

Throughout this site and in particular in Design Ideas we show how bathroom tiles can be used to enhance your home. 

Think outside of the box, you just might like it. If you need any design advice we are here to help. 

Geostone Tile Range – suitable for both wall and floor
(Bathrooms, Kitchens & Flooring)

tiles3This superb glazed porcelain tile gives a beautiful aged stone look, with a silky surface and appearance. Rich and authentic. To co-ordinate this tile, which is suitable for both wall and floor. 

Rectangular cut mosaic or square cut mosaic pieces available supplied on a mesh, to be grouted in when tiling. Additionally cut grooved décor tiles are available also and the whole range allows great design options

Teak Tile Range – suitable for both wall and floor
(Bathrooms, Kitchens & Flooring)

hebla-tilesPerfectly suited for both wall and floor tile use, the teak range is an authentic looking stone tile that can be used anywhere. The colours combine together on walls for bathroom use if desired, and either match the same colour on the floor or use the contrasting colour  used on the wall. 

This can be done in square shape format or still use the rectangular shape used on the wall.
For floors, the effect is stunning, rectangular tiles laid in a brick pattern, or square shape in two sizes, depending on the size of the area.

Portifino Tile Range – suitable for both wall and floor
(Bathrooms, Kitchens & Flooring)

As this tile can be used for wall and floor, a constant theme is achieved where the wall tiles blend into the floor tiles seamlessly. 

With such soft tones a classic look is guaranteed. Border options allow natural looking breaks in the room if desired.

Neotech Tile Range – suitable for both wall and floor
(Bathrooms, Kitchens & Flooring)


A beautiful metallic looking tile suitable for wall and floor use provides customers with fantastic design possibilities whether using it for complete floor areas or strong feature wall areas.

Normally combining with our (Blanco) White 33 x 60 wall tiles in matt or gloss, the feature areas really stand out and impress. Use the metallic mosaic sheets in two different styles and cut them to the desired size as an alternative to using the full metallic tile describe before.

Europa Tile Range – suitable for wall usage

A high gloss wall tile in this size really is different. Either combine the two colours alone on the wall in bold modern designs or introduce the stone border which co-ordinates with each colour of the tile to add more impact. The gloss contrasts beautifully with the satin finish floor tiles in the range with a good anti-slip finish

Corinto Tile Range – suitable for both wall and floor
(Bathrooms, Kitchens & Flooring)

Cross-cut Travertine pattern works so well that it is difficult to detect the difference between the hard-wearing porcelain tile offered and the real thing. 

Practicality, and options for using this tile make it an obvious choice when taking into account it is guaranteed in colour and tone and needs no sealing or treatments to maintain the perfect image, unlike the natural stone.

Atlantis Tile Range – suitable for both wall and floor application
(Bathrooms, Kitchens, Windows & Flooring)

A sleek modern concept is achieved through the straight edged finish combimed with soft modern tones of greys and beige.Combine with mosaics for more design options. For window options Check Out window-guide.com 2016 Cost Comparison or see trusted tiling contractors uk with handy pricing information.

Genesis Tile Range – suitable for both wall and floor usage 
(Bathrooms, Kitchens & Flooring)

Completely natural looking tile suitable for both wall and floor use, the Genesis range is intended to create the complete natural look and variety of stone. Whether used for large floor areas or spectacular bathrooms. Each tile is totally different to the next, in both pattern and tonality. No need for borders here, just a stunning look.