Walk In Tubs For Seniors Brings Comfort And Pleasure To Bathing

Walk-In Tubs For Seniors make bathing a pleasure again

bathtub manWith a walk in tub, you now have a safe and stylish tub designed with your total comfort in mind. Independent bathing becomes a reality with our true walk in tub. And when you add air and water jets you enjoy the pleasures and benefits of a hydrospa in your very own home.

Walk-In bathtubs restore independence to your bathing experience

With a walk-in tub, not only will you feel total comfort, you will have the independence you want coupled with the most pleasurable bathing experience available. Our tub offers the lowest entry point, 3 inches or less, making access easy and safe. Our contoured seat is raised 17.5 inches high (chair height) for your comfort.

Why choose a Total Comfort Walk-In Tub?

walk-in tub2

  • Made In America
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Frameless Tub
  • Lowest Entry Point in the industry
  • Optional Air and/or Water Jets can be added for HydroTherapy
  • Fits into a standard bathtub space
  • Choice of Colors

Purchase With Total Comfort And Peace of Mind

We are committed to our product and your satisfaction. The walk-in tub is the finest walk in tub available on the market today. The Diamond Elite has an unparalleled lifetime warranty. Our frameless, gel-coated fiberglass construction ensures ease of installation and maintenance for a lifetime of enjoyment. We stand behind our product.

But, before the purchase of the freestanding walk-in bathtub factors to consider, should not be ignored. These factors include the various things like the quality as well as the services provided buys the company after the purchase. The purchase is a matter of seconds. But a company gains its reputation through the services provided to the customers after the purchase. The first thing that the company has to provide is the warranty over the product. Here the warranty is over the color, the glaze and other such things.

The next walk-in bathtubs-factors to consider are the servicing that the company is going to provide to the customer, like the technical support for the installation as well as the maintenance. The maintenance procedure, though the minimum one is described in the user manual provide to them while, the purchase is done. The user manual is the one thing which has got immense value if you consider the DIY of the various issue of the bath tub.

The Strong Retractable Washing Line

Strong retractable washing lines can either be wall mounted or put on a post. Strong retractable washing lines are a great space saver for those families who live in small places or for people who don’t have big enough yards for the classic type of washing line. A decent strong retractable washing line will take a lot of washing and is less intrusive.

Strong retractable washing lines can be mounted inside or outside and because the lines wind up automatically you can stash it out of the way once your washing have finished drying. Strong retractable washing lines are good value and a neat way to dry your laundry if you don’t have the space for a permanent washing line or a rotary dryer.

Make sure the space that it needs to extend to and from are the right distance. You will need a big enough wall space to work with especially when you need to put up a big strong retractable washing line. If you don’t have enough wall space you will have to install it on a post to another post. The area you mount the strong retractable washing line in also needs to be well ventilated and should get the maximum amount of sun and wind for that area in your home or garden.

When installing your strong retractable washing line make sure it is the correct height for the person that will be using the strong retractable washing line.  The strong retractable washing line also needs to be mounted to a secure surface, ideally a brick wall or on steel posts. If you are going to hang a lot of washing on your strong retractable washing line it operates under high tension so for it not to be ripped from the wall.

article source : http://www.ecowashinglines.com/strong-retractable-washing-line 

How Often Should I Replace my HVAC Filter?

The simplest, and perhaps cheapest thing you could ever do to keep your air conditioning and heating system working at its best is cleaning or replacing the air filter as often as possible. Changing the filter will not only restore your HVAC system’s performance and efficiency but also improve your home’s air quality.

With indoor air pollution being at the top of the list of environmental health hazards, the need to make replacements at the right intervals grows exponentially. But how often should you be replacing your HVAC filters?

What Determines The Time To Replace?

While most people might replace their filters at the start of the season that pushes the system to its fullest ability, others will play safe and do monthly swaps. These two approaches could be overkill or insufficient depending on how hard you push your system.

If you want to know how often you should replace the filters, consider the following:

-Different filters have different lifespans. A manufacturer will recommend how long you should run the filter on your specific unit before swapping it.
-Is the air in the house not feeling as fresh and clean as it was with a fresh filter? If you are getting frequent colds and allergic reactions it may be overdue.
-It’s wise to change your filters more often if you live in dusty areas with heavy construction pollution or have pets in your house. The dust and pet hair will clog your filter faster.
-The more people there are in the home the more the dirt and dust will fly around. You will have to do more filter replacements in a busy house.
-Does anyone smoke or do you use a wood or coal stove? Carbon build up can reduce filter efficiency.

Check Your Filters Often

With so many variables in play, there can’t be a specific timeline governing how often you should be replacing your filters. The best way to go about this is by checking how dirty your filters are on a monthly basis. Replace them when they are too dirty and you have noticed degraded air quality in your home.

Heavily used houses in urban areas or other regions with heavy pollutants in the air might force you to do a filter replacement every month while a holiday house supporting one or two people for a limited time a year can survive up to 12 months before the filter gets too dirty.

If you don’t have time to keep monitoring your filters, you can opt to play it safe and stick to a monthly replacement. Alternatively, you can get a smart thermostat that monitors your filters and gives you an alarm when it thinks it is the right time to do the replacement.

Here is a guideline you can follow to help you work out how often you should replace your HVAC air filters. Guidelines factors were found online but more notably quoteaboiler.co.uk boiler quotes

-Once every six to 12 months in a lightly used house that is not in a heavily polluted area. For instance, a holiday home you only use once a year.
-Change the filters after 90 days in a suburban home that doesn’t have any pets.
-If you have pets, change your filters every two months.
-If you have pets and someone who is allergic or asthmatic, change the filters once every month.

Your A/C Use Behavior

A/C filters will only wear as fast and often as you force air through them. With most homeowners going green, the most energy friendly homes will run the A/C less often hence making them more energy efficient. The lower the frequency with which an A/C is turned up the less air will flow over your filters.

Since the filters cannot get dirty when you are not using them, exploring alternative ways to keep your house warm or cool will cut you some slack when it comes to HVAC air filter replacements.

Other than environmental factors and room occupancy, you will also have to consider things like filter size or rating. A two-inch furnace filter will hold its own for longer than the one-inch filter. Go for high-quality filters with a better rating to reduce the change frequency.

Your filters will affect how hard the A/C works and how fresh your home is. Monitoring your monthly utility bills and the general feel of the air in the house is a perfect way to tell when it is time to replace your air filters.

Décor Tile Ideas for Your Dog

Dog ownership doesn’t mean your house has to look like a kennel. You don’t have to live with blankets on the furniture or squeaky toys and kibble scattered throughout the house. You can own a dog, or two, or three and still create a comfortable, functional and stylish space for everyone to enjoy. We’ll show you how to create a wonderful and safe home for your pooch without sacrificing your own personal decorating style!

On the other end of the spectrum, you don’t have to decorate a room just for your dog (although that would be pretty cool!). All you need to do is incorporate a few sensible and stylish décor ideas with your beloved pooch in mind, without having to send your pooches for dog behavior training. Your house will not only be dog friendly, you’ll appreciate the easy care details and chic new look!

Use Dog-Proof Fabrics

There are certain fabrics that just don’t belong in a doggie household. Silk is out – it stains too easily. Fabrics with nap, such as velvet or chenille, attract dog hair like a magnet. Even hardy cotton twill or canvas is no match for muddy paws. So what’s a dog owner to do?

Consider Dog-Friendly Flooring

If you have carpet and dogs, you know this is not a happy combination. Dog hair and dander accumulate in the fibers and no matter how often you vacuum, you just can’t get it all out. For this reason, non-carpeted surfaces are your best bet.

Choose wood laminate or cork/vinyl over wood floors for sheer durability.
Choose wood laminate or cork/vinyl over wood floors for sheer durability. | 

Hardwood floors are lovely to look at, but if you have large dogs, they may take a beating. If you want the look of wood, choose a durable laminate or new generation cork/vinyl hybrid that gives you the look of wood, but will withstand dog wear-and-tear. They are easy to clean up and require no sealers.

Tile floors are a great option in a home with dogs.
Tile floors are a great option in a home with dogs. |

Other excellent non-porous flooring choices are ceramic tile and stained concrete. These tough-as-nail surfaces are beautiful, claw-proof and provide your pooch a nice cool place for a nap during the summer. One word of caution: seal tile grout and stained concrete to prevent stains from ‘accidents’. Sealing will also make clean up a breeze!

Make Your Home a Dog-Safe Environment

As you would create a child safe environment for an active toddler, you should consider your dog’s safety when thinking of your home’s décor. Consult with local pet trainers Or Do a walk through, jotting down any potential dangers. Place protective covers on electrical cables and cords and insert childproof caps over outlets. Install childproof door locks on lower cabinets to keep your dog away from cleaning products and other items that can cause harm.

By: lindacee

article source : http://hubpages.com/animals/Decor-Ideas-for-Your-Dog

Andersen Window Design And Replacement Options That No One Talks About

There are really two techniques to replacing windows when you begin window-shopping. Furthermore, this may not be something you find in a run of the mill window purchasing discussion. Andersen windows & doors pricing can be found on popular window pricing sites.

Obviously, you know about shading decisions, woods, or window styles, for example, casement or twofold hung, yet you may not be acquainted with the two window establishment techniques: Full Frame Windows or Insert Windows.

80% of window substitution comprises of expelling an old window outline with its scarves and “embeddings” another window in its place. Embed windows are the most well-known in light of the fact that they are easy to use and leave the inside and outside trim undisturbed. You get a wonderful, vitality effective, substitution window in the shading and style you need, in addition to the occupation is done and for all intents and purposes upkeep free from the minute the installers leave your home.

Notwithstanding, clients perusing through data on the Internet keep running over the expression “Full Frame Windows” and get some information about the distinctions.

A Full Frame window incorporates the outside trim and windowsills, and requires the inside window trim to be supplanted too. Taking after the establishment, property holders regularly have inside trim to paint or stain to convey the window establishment to fulfillment.

Establishment Details on Full Frame Replacement Windows

With a full edge window substitution, pretty much as the name suggests, the whole window is evacuated, directly down to the buck outline, leaving just the “unpleasant opening” – like in another home development. Everything is evacuated — including the ledges and trim. Which implies, a full casing “substitution window” energy efficient windows is a pre-gathered window finish with the outside block forming as of now set up. What’s more, the block trim is made of support free Fibrex simply like the windows. Pleasant.

A full edge establishment is suggested when there is noteworthy decay or disintegration to the outside wood segments of a window opening. Different property holders say that they incline toward the Fibrex material for their block form as opposed to wrapping the current wood in a support free aluminum curl stock.

What’s more, there is another thing to consider—cost. Given the measure of extra materials and work that go into a full casing window establishment it will cost more. The ballpark distinction will keep running around 20 to 25% more. Not an excessive distinction, but rather one that you might need to hold up under at the top of the priority list.

Establishment Details on Insert Replacement Windows

Window embeds, then again, are a completely operational window introduced inside the current window trim and ledge. With a substitution window embed, the old inside and outside trim is undisturbed and stays in place. The outside wood parts are totally uniquely wrapped in an aluminum material that is shading coordinated to your home’s trim and the window shading.

The outcome is an upkeep free window that uses the current wood trim components.

While the embed strategy is less obtrusive in light of the fact that it permits a portion of the first window parts to remain, the protest of both techniques is to keep up a home’s compositional honesty.

Which establishment would it be a good idea for you to pick, full casing or embed?

That question is most likely best replied by your home.

On the off chance that you live in a home that has been assigned “verifiably noteworthy”, odds are the recorded society will have rules set up with regards to redesigns. Indeed, even without a verifiable assignment, numerous mortgage holders are quick to save the engineering respectability of their homes.

Assuming this is the case, full casing substitution is not prudent for verifiable credibility. Truth be told, it won’t not be allowed. That is on account of the outside window outline must be expelled, therefore aggravating instead of protecting the home’s legacy outside. In such cases, an embed substitution window would be the better decision.

All the more every now and again, the decision is dependent upon you. Despite full casing or embed, regardless you get every one of the many choices accessible from Renewal by Andersen windows.

The Choice is Clearly Yours

Twofold hung, casement, picture, bow, sound or skimming? You pick the style. There’s an Andersen window style for each room in your home, whether you need to upgrade your family room with a wonderful cover window or put a simple-to-open canopy window over the sink in your kitchen.

Also, Andersen substitution windows are accessible in 7 hues and 3 inside wood grains, so you really have 25 diverse trim choices conceivable too. Your anderson window replace plan windows can be one shading on the outside and another shading within, on the off chance that you so wish.

Tired of squares and rectangles—shouldn’t something be said about a highlight window? Andersen windows arrive in twelve unique shapes to add an unmistakable note to your home. Pick a pentagon top substitution window, or an eye-getting octagon. Whether your view is sea front or woodsy, a wonderful view can turn out to be significantly more tremendous with the right window.

While you will pick vitality productive glass no doubt, it’s great to realize that even advanced elite glass can look exemplary and customary. Grilles and networks upgrade new windows by giving them an unmistakable pioneer look.

Andersen even offers full isolated light grilles, an unquestionable requirement on homes of chronicled importance or where the mortgage holder needs to copy the look of genuine separated light windows. Obviously, you can recreate the look by utilizing grilles that snap into clasps on the window scarf. Then again you could pick grilles set between the glass, window installers which means they’re a breeze to clean.

Notwithstanding the shape, style, size or shading, all Andersen windows are uniquely crafted to fit your window opening. There is no such thing as a standard “one size fits all approach” with Renewal by Andersen.




Article Inspired by: http://hubpages.com/living/Andersen-Replacement-Windows-Full-Frame-or-Insert


How to Choose Bathroom Accessories and Prototypes

How to Choose Bathroom Accessories and Prototypes

When a person thinks of vivid tiles and lovely prototypes, one often thinks of their bathroom. People often lean toward various prototypes when choosing bath accessories, including linoleum flooring and mock shower enclosures.

Whether you are seeking the old-fashioned effect, or other style you can make your bath stand out by adding prototypes that gives the room a unique look. You may like the organic stones that are made of diacritic marbles with a splash of patterns in the design.

Prototypes are nice patterns to consider, since it interchanges with many other patterns and styles sold. The rhombus tiles replace long-established square tiles in many ways. The designs are fashionable enough to appear to anyone.

You have universal differentiation with these types of styles. Various tiles are sold online or at home depots, which you will notice a difference in you bath, since it comes alive once you install the product. The tiles give your room a new-look with a twist of creativity. The tiles are available to satisfy your taste, as well as spark your interest.

People often prefer Prototype tiles. The common tiles sold are the out-and-out blacks, which has a splash of whites throughout the texture. The tainted tones and shades will make your bath living up. You can add a black vase with white sprinkles to the bath and make it come alive as an exotic room.

Various styles are online, so check your bathroom contractors quotes which include the shining tiles. You have to consider these tiles carefully, since you will spend a lot of time cleaning the room. The tiles require immediate polishing when necessary. Some tiles leave blotches behind after you clean, touch, or step on the tiles barefooted. For the reason you want to select tiles that are easy clean and less problematic.

Some of the tiles available include the tiles made of stone. These tiles are great and will make any bath look good. The organic materials are equipped to relieve you of cleaning all the time. Most tiles made of stone are finished in matte. This means the tiles last longer and stain less.

If you prefer old-fashion styles, check out the line of accents made of steel brush. The tiles are designed to make your bath seem as though it is clean all the time. This texture gives you the twist of tradition, yet if you want to add some class, creating the modern styles, you will need to consider the tiles made of marble and/or stone.

How are the tiles installed?
When choosing your tiles, make sure that you have instructions for proper installation. One of the mistakes that many people make while laying tiles is not reading the instructions. The basic installation includes peeling the old floor cover, sanding if necessary, and adhesive the new tiles. You will need to learn basic installation for tiles to carry on. For the most part, if you have a modern floor cover, and the sub-floor is in good shape you can install the new tiles relatively easy.

Online you will find a wide array of tiles. If you are planning to install new tiles, it is wise to see what the market has to offer you. Online you have advantages, since you can view images. The images will give you an idea as to what your room will look like once you are finished. In addition, you will find systematic instructions on installing tiles, which is idea to get it down right.

To learn more about tiles, including the prototypes visit the Internet where you have a wide selection of information and images to help you consider tiles.

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Bathroom Visual Enlargement Needs Tiles And Windows

London bathroom fitters: Bathroom visual enlargement.

Huge bathroom with a wall-sized window, stylish plank beds and view of veranda with Japanese rock-garden is impractical dream for the large majority of us. In limited urban environment all we often have is just four-squared box. And even rather large bathroom sometimes is not enough for realization of all our design plans. As well-known stepmother from a fairy tale “Cinderella” had said – “The kingdom is small, there is no room to be on the loose”. You can’t enlarge your bathroom even at the expense of your neighbours because of chief wall. But maybe it’s better to solve this problem with the help internal reserves and to expand your bathroom environment visually? Maybe, it’d be better to help out missing square meters just virtually, by creation of their visibility?

You’ve got to start with bathroom design for competent disposal of available space. Development of modern installation systems allows placing of all bathroom and lavatory equipment not in its common places but in places where you need it to be; you can save some tens of inches or even a few meters and free some space visually. For example, you may save some space with angular installation of not only bath and shower cabin, but wash basin or toilet bowl. The bath or shower cabin may be completely or partially hidden in a niche if such technical feasibility is available.

Bathroom and lavatory equipment.
If space available is not as huge as you want, you can easily save it by choosing of small bathroom equipment specially designed for small bathrooms which consumes much less space than standard equipment. In that case the doll’s house effect is triggered and the environment around diminished pieces of equipment seems to be larger. By the way, many people think that space-saving toilet bowls and bidet are even more convenient, than standard ones. Look at bathroom remodeling estimates and find the best price. Of course you can’t say that about a small wash basin or a bath. Hanging bathroom equipment is of interest, too, as it visually frees some space; bathroom equipment like “two in one”, for example, tandem of shower and bath, is popular as well.

The walls play the most important role in visual enlargement of bathroom space. You should never use shadow toned ceramic tile and other types of covering in small rooms, especially in combination with large decors and wide borders. The tile is to be light toned. In was considered for a long time that large ceramics was to be used in small rooms. Nevertheless, practice shows, that mosaic makes even a small room visually larger.

Necessary effect of depth is achieved with ceramic tile and furniture of light, deep tones and shades in combination with medium-sized and soft-core decor, narrow decorative borders especially placed not horizontally, but vertically. Panels are outside the fold, even the large ones, but only those including perspective view: landscapes, especially marine, imitation of view from a window, the sky and so on. Your look does not die against them but flies away. Photo panels are the latest thing in decoration of rooms.

Well, and if you want to rest relaxing in aromatic foam and you don’t want to feel the weight of ceiling above you? Then the best choice of yours shall be the reflected ceiling – top demonstration of glamour. There are also other ways to decorate the ceiling: suspended ceilings with special illumination, ceiling made of stained glass and painted as starry heaven or something like that and inviting to the eye… Availability of visual perspective view is the main thing.

Feeling of visual prospect may be also achieved with false window, replicated on one of the walls. It is necessary that it looked like real: frame, glass, curtains … It may even open and the flowers are to be placed on the window sill. One more interesting variant is use of stained glass which is usually placed in shallow insets and highlighted. And then it seems that behind that glass is a window in absolutely special, even magic world. Check Out window-guide.com 2016 Cost Comparison.

The most simple and affordable way to enlarge closed environment is to use a mirror. It optically doubles the environment as it reflects all space of the room. Besides, the smaller is the room the larger is to be the mirror. Mirrors may be placed not only above a wash basin where they, certainly, play the key role, but as well everywhere on the walls and even replace them if it does not cause negative emotions of the owners. Some time ago mirror-like tile was very popular, but, unfortunately, because of its fragility, insufficient safety (it cracks up easily) and complicated maintenance it became less popular nowadays.

As for floor-mounted and wall-adjacent furniture you’ve got to use only the most space-saving one; it’d be better even to hide it in the niche or under a wash basin. Walls are to be completely free from massive hook-up elements; you’ll have to use only the lightweight glass, metal or wooden shelves. There is no point to presume on usage of a lot of accessories.

Of course, all that is just the attempt to compensate what we miss in real life and your bathroom won’t become larger because of all these gimmicks. But you’ll partially lose the feeling that you are in wardrobe, surrounded by bath, wash basin, toilet bowl and washing machine worked into that wardrobe. It’s nothing but optical illusion, but as the poet had said, “illusion that uplifts us”. And maybe later even the Japanese rock-garden becomes a reality.

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Floor Tiles & Wall Tiles at Online Prices!

Tile Idea Supplies Tiles for Bathrooms, Kitchens, Walls or Floors – all at Discount Prices!

wall-floor-tileWelcome to Tile Idea the tile website with a difference. Whether it’s floor tiles, bathroom tiles, wall tiles or a multi purpose tile, our images are so good that you can almost touch them, allowing you to visualise how that tile will transform your room. We are tiling specialists with over 25 years experience in the industry, specialising in porcelain and ceramic tiles with coordinating borders (mosaics, glass and natural stone) imported directly from the factories.

Through our knowledge and experience we have developed this website to revolutionise your on line shopping experience. We have carefully selected core ranges of tiles to suit all tastes and styles.

Displayed as ranges so the functionality and flexibility of the range can be explored. With handy hints and tips for each range to demonstrate how all the different size, colour and border options can be combined to create a truly unique room.

Many of the tiles featured are multi functional and can be used as either floor tiles or wall tiles. The suitability of the tile for a specific use will be highlighted in the description. This will enable you to decide whether they can be used as kitchen tiles or bathroom tiles etc.

Each tile has been individually photographed in order to create the most accurate image and designed to allow you to gain perspective of the size and shape of that tile. Combined with an array of room set images, tile idea has everything you need to help you step by step create a stunning tiled area.

Bathroom Tiles

(Porcelain and Ceramic)

tiles2The choice of Bathroom tiles is the most important decision to be made when selecting your bathroom products. Over the past few years the focus and importance of the bathroom in any house has changed dramatically. It is now a sanctuary for people, a reflection of the style of the house and the people who occupy it. They are no longer seen as merely functional but an extension of the style of the rest of the home. 

The industry is very much now fashion lead and the average life span of a bathroom is now  much shorter as people update their house to the  reflect  the changes in style through the years. 

Tiles are no different, now a more fashioned led industry with continuous design and technical developments. Tiles are fundamentally the most important factor in creating the ambience of any bathroom. 

Whether it be classic or modern styling, there are styles suit all looks. It’s also now not just a matter of what tile you select but also how it is used that will dramatically affect the bathroom. Vertical or horizontal borders, tile formation, full tiling or half tiling and even feature tiling. 

Throughout this site and in particular in Design Ideas we show how bathroom tiles can be used to enhance your home. 

Think outside of the box, you just might like it. If you need any design advice we are here to help. 

Geostone Tile Range – suitable for both wall and floor
(Bathrooms, Kitchens & Flooring)

tiles3This superb glazed porcelain tile gives a beautiful aged stone look, with a silky surface and appearance. Rich and authentic. To co-ordinate this tile, which is suitable for both wall and floor. 

Rectangular cut mosaic or square cut mosaic pieces available supplied on a mesh, to be grouted in when tiling. Additionally cut grooved décor tiles are available also and the whole range allows great design options

Teak Tile Range – suitable for both wall and floor
(Bathrooms, Kitchens & Flooring)

hebla-tilesPerfectly suited for both wall and floor tile use, the teak range is an authentic looking stone tile that can be used anywhere. The colours combine together on walls for bathroom use if desired, and either match the same colour on the floor or use the contrasting colour  used on the wall. 

This can be done in square shape format or still use the rectangular shape used on the wall.
For floors, the effect is stunning, rectangular tiles laid in a brick pattern, or square shape in two sizes, depending on the size of the area.

Portifino Tile Range – suitable for both wall and floor
(Bathrooms, Kitchens & Flooring)

As this tile can be used for wall and floor, a constant theme is achieved where the wall tiles blend into the floor tiles seamlessly. 

With such soft tones a classic look is guaranteed. Border options allow natural looking breaks in the room if desired.

Neotech Tile Range – suitable for both wall and floor
(Bathrooms, Kitchens & Flooring)


A beautiful metallic looking tile suitable for wall and floor use provides customers with fantastic design possibilities whether using it for complete floor areas or strong feature wall areas.

Normally combining with our (Blanco) White 33 x 60 wall tiles in matt or gloss, the feature areas really stand out and impress. Use the metallic mosaic sheets in two different styles and cut them to the desired size as an alternative to using the full metallic tile describe before.

Europa Tile Range – suitable for wall usage

A high gloss wall tile in this size really is different. Either combine the two colours alone on the wall in bold modern designs or introduce the stone border which co-ordinates with each colour of the tile to add more impact. The gloss contrasts beautifully with the satin finish floor tiles in the range with a good anti-slip finish

Corinto Tile Range – suitable for both wall and floor
(Bathrooms, Kitchens & Flooring)

Cross-cut Travertine pattern works so well that it is difficult to detect the difference between the hard-wearing porcelain tile offered and the real thing. 

Practicality, and options for using this tile make it an obvious choice when taking into account it is guaranteed in colour and tone and needs no sealing or treatments to maintain the perfect image, unlike the natural stone.

Atlantis Tile Range – suitable for both wall and floor application
(Bathrooms, Kitchens & Flooring)

A sleek modern concept is achieved through the straight edged finish combimed with soft modern tones of greys and beige.Combine with mosaics for more design options.

Genesis Tile Range – suitable for both wall and floor usage 
(Bathrooms, Kitchens & Flooring)

Completely natural looking tile suitable for both wall and floor use, the Genesis range is intended to create the complete natural look and variety of stone. Whether used for large floor areas or spectacular bathrooms. Each tile is totally different to the next, in both pattern and tonality. No need for borders here, just a stunning look.