Home Alarm Systems: Easiest DIY Home Security System to Install

The easiest system to install is the alula connect plus diy wireless encrypted security and automation system. The alula connect plus panel comes pre-programmed with monitored clients so there’s no need for tedious programming of sensors. All customers need to do is take the panel out of the box plug in the main control panel to the power outlet, stick up the sensors devices and keypads then call Geo arm to test your alarm signals receive your username and login passwords. The alula connect plus was designed in a different manner than most all-in-one security systems. Alula figured since most people today have their smartphones with them all the time the need for an expensive keypad should be optional instead end-users can remotely arm and disarm the system using the very responsive alula smartphone app. With that being said the alula Connect plus comes in as our least expensive system on our list.


The connect plus system comes with a 24 hour backup battery onboard that will power the system and communicator modules in the event the power is cut end-users will have the luxury of choosing between broadband Wi-Fi LTE cellular or a combination of interchangeable communicators to obtain dual path alarm monitoring services. Having multiple communication path options allows end-users flexibility and monthly monitoring rates alula has created a whole new line of security sensors and peripherals this product line has a 128-bit one-way encryption back to the connect plus panel to protect against RF jamming. The connect plus sensor line has the third best range of all systems on our list totaling 1,500 feet nominal without a repeater and 3,000 feet nominal with the repeater.

Not only is the alula connect plus a home security system it can also be set up to use z-wave Plus devices so you can create a smart home mesh network the touch of one button in the app or verbal control using Amazon Alexa. You can arm and disarm toggle lights on or off set thermostat temperature and either lock or unlock a door with the alula app end-users will be able to remotely and individually bypass sensors this is one of two systems on our lists that offer this feature the alula connect plus does have access to its own recordable two-way audio DIY IP camera line called ez vis by hikvision which has an indoor indoor pan-tilt outdoor and video doorbell option.

The downsides to the alula connect plus system our end users can’t program the system locally it can only be programmed in the dealer portal.There is no recessed encrypted door window sensor at this time, alula does not integrate with apple homekit, Google home, Boggess, door locks ,nest, thermostats, ratio sprinkler controllers, Lutron lights or lift master garage doors also for cellular communications the panel only supports Verizon LTE no AT&T option. At this time no one go all go feature for smoke and heat detectors this is where if one smoke sensor goes off they all go off simultaneously connect Plus can’t reutilize existing hard wired sensors as there’s not a module at to this point that will allow you to do so lastly with the alula connect app end-users can’t see when a door was opened in the event history and there is no zone control we will be providing updates to this security system and features.